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Sat Jul 14 04:25:31 CEST 2007

Ben Finney wrote:
> Steve Holden <steve at> writes:
>> Ben Finney wrote:
>>> Which is a bug in the 'email.message' module, in my view. If it's
>>> attempting to support a mapping protocol, it should allow
>>> iteration the same way standard Python mappings do: by iterating
>>> over the keys.
>> Stop assuming that everyone sees requirements the same as you - the
>> author of the email module has long years of experience, and has
>> provided an excellent and overall usable piece of software.
> I don't see that this fact (which I agree is the case) in any way
> makes the code immune from bugs, nor from the discussion of the
> possibility.
>> Criticisms such as yours are easy (we can all experess our opinions,
>> to which we are all entitled), but mere expression of an opinion
>> isn't going to change anything.
> It can, though, lead to a discussion about whether it *is* a bug or
> not.
> Care to contribute something other than the lashing you put into your
> message?
Apart from the lashing (lashing? I take it you've never visited 
comp.lang.perl regularly) I think Gabriel said it well enough: there 
just doesn't seem to be a compelling case that "iteration over a 
message" should do what you apparently expected it to.

What do you actually think

...     for m in msg:
...             print m

should do? Why do you believe that what you think it should do would be 
a natural choice?

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