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Gabriel Genellina wrote:
> En Thu, 05 Jul 2007 17:57:32 -0300, Wojtek <nowhere at a.com> escribió:
>> Note: Since I am using the year 9999 as a "magic number", some of you
>> may think that I am repeating the Y2K problem. Hey, if my application
>> is still being used in the year 9998 I am not being paid nearly
>> enough...
> I would not say the code itself, but some design decisions may survive for  
> a long time. Like the railroad inter-rail distance, which even for the  
> newest trains, remains the same as used by Stephenson in England two  
> centuries ago - and he choose the same width as used by common horse carts  
> at the time. (Some people goes beyond that and say it was the same width  
> as used in the Roman empire but this may be just a practical coincidence,  
> no causality being involved).
Brunel, of course, being an original, built his system with a wider 
inter-rail gap, and passengers commented on the smoother ride they got. 
But standardization wars aren't new, and IKB lost that one.

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