How to organize control access to source code ?

Paul Boddie paul at
Tue Jul 17 14:50:47 CEST 2007

On 17 Jul, 01:16, Succe... at wrote:
> Thanks for your response,
> But I want to know if there is a process or best practices, to give
> not the access to all of the project. in other words, must every
> developer work on the entire copy of the project locally ?

You probably want to split the project up into several individual
projects (as perceived from a technical perspective), which can then
be protected using whichever mechanisms are available. Not only will
it be easier to introduce various access controls - for example, you
might have a bunch of different CVS modules (or similar things) which
are then easier to administer and apply access controls to - but
you'll also reduce the undesirable side-effects that come with a
monolithic project with lots of people hacking on different stuff that
inadvertently breaks other stuff.

> Or to work just on his module and manage a process of integration, and
> if there is any Agile practices for this problem.

I'm not sure what the overlap is between "agile development" and
restrictive access controls, but another approach might be to use a
totally distributed version control system and then manage the
restrictions when merging changes. You'd probably remain "agile"
whilst exercising the control you require.


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