IMAP library

Bruno Barberi Gnecco brunobgDELETETHIS at
Thu Jun 28 23:44:02 CEST 2007

	It seems that this question has been asked a few times in this
group before, but sometime has passed since the last post and maybe there's
something new. I'm looking for a high level IMAP library--I know of imaplib,
but it's awfully documented and I was hoping to avoid reading RFCs for
a simple email reader routine.

	So, is there any example, routine, library or code in some software
package that reads mails from IMAP, with attachments? I don't need anything
fancy, just reading the emails and decoding them.

	If there isn't, I'm willing to write one and release it under LGPL.
Anybody would like to help?

Bruno Barberi Gnecco <>

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