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Wed Jun 20 19:31:27 CEST 2007

On 2007-06-20, Jorgen Grahn <grahn+nntp at> wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Jun 2007 00:51:09 -0700, peter <peter.mosley at> wrote:
>>> > For me, introducing similar commands in Python would be by far  the biggest single improvement that could be made to the language.
>>> If it should be done, it should be done as a compatible subset of
>>> curses, IMHO. It has such a long history as the standard "GUI toolkit"
>> But curses doesn't run under Windows - thats the whole point!
> I meant to say "as a compatible subset of the Python 'curses' module
> API".
> I don't know what's so difficult about porting curses. Maybe
> it's that the DOS console is too broken, or maybe too many
> Unixisms are exposed by the API (can you get a signal when the
> DOS console window is resized?).

I think it's just a ton of work that wouldn't benefit that many
people. If you're using curses on Windows, what are the chances
you end up needing some other part of cygwin for the same

> (Alex Martelli simply wrote something like this in his Python
> book: "I hear about curses ports to Windows now and then, but
> I've never seen one that worked". Something like that.)

There's a curses emulator written for python called wcurses, that
might provide enough functionality to allow a Windows
implementation of your Python curses program.

It doesn't actually use the windows console, however.

You could write your own little console interface, tailored to
your needs, which is implemented using curses on Unix, and the
effbot's 'console' on Windows.

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