How to change default behavior

Mozis chokshi.jaydeep at
Mon Jun 25 19:02:57 CEST 2007


I am using pyuniit for my test cases.

I want to change the default behavior to report the errors. I believe
it calls TextTestRunner class before calling my test_class(which is
child of TestCase class) to set up the framework for error reporting
and so on.  I can see that it makes the "result" variable of type
_TextTestResult class. So while reporting errors, it calls functions
of this class.

I want to overload the TextTestRunner class and want to make result of
type my class, so in further linage of function calls it should call
functions of my class instead of _TextTestResult.

But I was not able to find out how does python test framework calls
TextTestRunner automatically. Somehow I want to make it call my
overloaded class.

Could anybody help me out.  Thanks in anticipation.


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