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Tue Jun 12 05:49:56 CEST 2007

On Jun 11, 4:56?pm, Steve Howell <showel... at> wrote:
> Hi, I'm offering a challenge to extend the following
> page by one good example:
> Right now the page starts off with 15 examples that
> cover lots of ground in Python, but they're still
> scratching the surface.  (There are also two Eight
> Queens implementations, but I'm looking to fill the
> gap in lines-of-code, and they're a little long now.)
> I'm looking for a good 16-line code example with the
> following qualities:
>   1) It introduces some important Python concept that
> the first 15 programs don't cover.
>   2) It's not too esoteric.  Python newbies are the
> audience (but you can assume they're not new to
> programming in general).
>   3) It runs on Python 2.4.
>   4) It doesn't just demonstrate a concept; it solves
> a problem at face value.  (It can solve a whimsical
> problem, like counting rabbits, but the program itself
> should be "complete" and "suitably simple" for the
> problem at hand.)
>   5) You're willing to have your code reviewed by the
> masses.
>   6) No major departures from PEP 8.
> Any takers?
> -- Steve
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I just posted a 30-line generator function
on your site. Should I have posted it here
first? Also, why do you count comments and
blank lines instead of lines of executable
code? Are you trying to encourage obfuscation?

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