Too many 'self' in python.That's a big flaw in this language.

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Alex Martelli wrote:
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> wrote:

>> Mh, strange, I personally like to use "this.a" in C++, to make
>> clear I use an instance variable.
> That would be nice, unfortunately your C++ compiler will refuse
> that, and force you to use this->a instead;-).

Sure, thanks. Before I last used C++ I was forced to use Java --
where I would write "this.<member>". ;)
> Many programming shops use naming conventions instead, such as
> my_a or a_ (trailing underscore for member-variables) -- I've even
> seen the convention this_a which IMHO is silly (at that point you
> might as well use this->a and avoid the 'convention'!-).


> For the curious: the explicit-self idea is essentially taken from
> Modula-3, a sadly now forgotten language which still had an impact
> on the history of programming.

Mh, I'm going to read some about this one.



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