python-ldap for Python 2.5 on Windows?

Benedict Verheyen benedict.verheyen at
Tue Jun 12 10:30:54 CEST 2007

Waldemar Osuch schreef:
> I have also build it on XP SP2.
> I have wrapped the files from " build" and all required .dll
> using Inno Setup.
> Maybe Vista does not like the executable produced by Inno.
> If you still want to try then unzip the following:
> into your "site-packages" and see how far you can get.
> The detailed instructions on how to build would be quite long and I'm
> sure I have forgotten some of the steps already but if you know about
> "./configure make make install" dance and know how to use Google you
> should be OK.
> 1. First install MinGW, Msys and msysDTK.
> 2. Then you need to compile openldap.  See:
>    for reference.  You will need regex but you can skip Berkley DB
> before you start.
> 3. I have compiled openssl too but I have seen ready made libraries
> for download.
>    I do not have link handy at the moment.
> 4. The last step would be to run " build" for python-ldap.
> Remove sasl2 from setup.cfg
>    since cyrus-sasl does not seem to be available for MinGW.
> See how far you can get with the above instructions.  If you get stuck
> send me a private email and I will try to help you.
> If you could keep track of the steps and came up with better
> instructions than my pitiful attempt above that would be great.
> Waldemar

Hi Waldemar,

thanks for the instructions.
I will try to build it one of these days and see how far i get.

As for the zip, i installed it and it works, i can use the ldap lib now.
So as you said, it indeed seems to be a problem with the Inno setup.
Anyway, if the zip works, i'm happy :)

If i get around to building it and if i succeed, i will post a more 
detailed report on how to do it.


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