save class

nik nikbaer at
Thu Jun 14 03:20:16 CEST 2007


I would like to create a class and then save it for re-use later. I
have tried to use pickle, but am not sure if that is right. I am
sorry, but I am new to python.

Basically, I have a class, Map. I want to be able to create new maps:
MapA, MapB... that have Map as the base class.

start with-
class Map:

and then get a different class

class MapA(Map):

that can be saved in a .py file for re-use

so far I thought that -
cls = new.classobj('MapA', (Map, ), {})
file = open('somefile', mode='w')
pickle.dump(cls, file)

-might work, but it didn't.... can anybody point me in the right
direction? I know that classes must get saved from the interactive
console, so I would think that it would be a standard thing to do.

Thank you,

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