[pyserial - winXP] Serial port stop receiving data after a few hours, raise no error

pauland80 at gmail.com pauland80 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 12:24:02 CEST 2007


My soft passively listen to a device sending +- 300 bytes of data each
second. After several hours of work, the soft abruptly stops receiving
data without any error, (while the device sends properly, of course)
and I need to restart it (the python soft) to "reactivate" the ports.

I read that when the serial port encounters an error (frame error or
so, I imagine?) it stop receiving data until the library function
"getCommError()" is called.

Am I on the good track? Can I call this function from my pyserial

Why pyserial does'nt raise a serial.SerialException in this case?

I'm not working with plain serial ports, I use serial over USB (FTDI
or so) and serial over Ethernet (moxa.com).
I'm in 115k 8N1 and I use 4 ports simultaneously
I use python 2.4 with pyserial 2.2 on Windows XP.

Paul André

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