Python and (n)curses

Josiah Carlson josiah.carlson at
Tue Jun 19 02:17:41 CEST 2007

pinkfloydhomer at wrote:
> I need to develop a cross-platform text-mode application. I would like
> to do it in Python and I would like to use a mature text-mode library
> for the UI stuff.
> The obvious choice, I thought, was ncurses. But as far as I can tell,
> it is not available for Python on Windows?
> Is there a workaround? Or are there alternative libraries that might
> be used instead of (n)curses? I know I can use (n)curses on *nix and
> console on Windows etc., but that is of course suboptimal.

This link offers a series of links for console IO...

Among them is a link to the 'wcurses' module that has been relocated 
here:  It doesn't actually work in 
the console, but it seems as though you can program towards one API.

There is always cygwin + Python + ncurses.

  - Josiah

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