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>> > The problem is I don't define the functions AddPlot() and DrawPlots().
>> > It's built into the python interpreter of the CLI version of the
>> > program I mentioned, and they are defined on the main script. I load
>> > the main script using something like "software -cli -s
>> >".
>> > In the I import myModule, but of course myModule does
>> > not have access to the functions defined in the global namespace of
>> >
>> Don't you have some import statements at the top of that  
>> are
>> responsible for bringing AddPlot and DrawPlots into the current  
>> namespace?
>> Import the same things in your second module.
> No, I *don't* have any import statement When using this
> software's CLI, AddPlot and DrawPlots are available to me
> automagically from Hence my question: How do I make
> this available from other module. Is there any way at all ?

Yes: create your own module on-the-fly, using the recipe posted earlier by  
John Krukoff.
If there are many functions, try enumerating them all:

import sys
 from types import ModuleType as module

plotModule = module('plot')
for key,value in globals().items():
     if key[:2] != '__':
         setattr(plotModule, key, value)

sys.modules['plot'] = plotModule

Gabriel Genellina

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