safe cgi parameter

Robin Becker robin at
Mon Jun 4 19:50:54 CEST 2007

I'm trying to pass xml into a cgi script and have some problems because I both 
want to escape all my inputs (to avoid the possibility of an html injection 
attack) and also allow my xml to be obtained in its original form.

I thought of this

from xml.sax.saxutils import escape as xmlEscape
class SafeCgiParam(str):
	def __new__(cls,v):
		return str.__new__(cls,xmlEscape(v))
	def __init__(self,v):
		self.__raw__ = v


 >>> x=SafeCgiParam('a<&>b')
 >>> print x
 >>> print x.__raw__

ie always wrap the value, but access to the original is possible via __raw__.

However, if you do anything like x.strip() the original is lost. I'm not sure 
that's a bad thing, but I thought I would ask what others do for this problem.
Robin Becker

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