ORM layer

Bruno Desthuilliers bdesth.quelquechose at free.quelquepart.fr
Sat Jun 30 07:06:12 CEST 2007

David a écrit :
> I am looking for an ORM for Python that fulfills a few simple needs.
> - ability to support a number of backends (probably mysql and sqlite  
> at present, csv a bonus)

I didn't knew csv was a relational database.

> - ability to be used easily from console python scripts, a bonus if I  
> can add a simple web GUI later using some framework
> - decent documentation a definite plus
> I do not need:
> - massively complex joins (I could write these myself if needed)
> - something engineered for hundreds of tables, I have only a few and  
> don't need overkill
> Any recommendations?

The best hi-level RDBMS integration package in Python is probably 
SQLAlchemy. I say "hi-level RDBMS integration" because it's much more 
than an ORM. It's already used by some web applications (Trac amongst 
other) and frameworks (Pylons, Turbogears, ...) and the documentation is 
more than correct. So it matches most of your specs. OTHO, while fairly 
usable, it's not the simplest system around - even if some extensions 
like Elixir try to make things simpler-, so you may also want to have a 
look at other packages like SQLObject.

> David

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