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>I am of the opposite opinion: I recommend that people get any book but
>"Beginning Python: Novice to Professional".  In my opinion, that book
>is horribly written, the examples are terrible, some subjects are only
>covered in passing so the info is too parse to be of any use, and
>there are no problems at the end of the chapters to work on.  I think
>a beginner might be fooled into thinking Beginning Python is a good
>book because they won't know how many holes their knowledge of python
>is riddled with, and since there are no problems to work on, they may
>not even realize how little they learned.  I think an experienced
>programmer would spot all the blunders in the book straight away.

I'm curious, have you tried _Python for Dummies_?  I don't want to be
shilling my own book -- but I'd also like to know how it stacks up.
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