The Modernization of Emacs

Lew lew at lewscanon.nospam
Thu Jun 21 17:11:32 CEST 2007

Joel J. Adamson wrote:
> My point is that I'm the sort of person that has a mind set up for
> Emacs.  I had none of the difficulties that someone else might have,
> who's used to other kinds of software.
> However, I'll also point out that my wife has used Emacs a couple
> times, and she's never done more than point and click with a computer,
> and she's had no frustration whatsoever.

A new user of two hours' experience.  A father of a six-year old whose child 
hums along happily with emacs.  A computer widow who "had no frustration 
whatsoever" with it.

To the claim that "emacs is too hard for the beginner" we have a mounting pile 
of steaming evidence that refutes.  It may still be true that it is too hard 
for some beginners, but then again the power cord can be too hard for some 
people.  (I used to help customers find the Big Red Switch when they first got 
a computer.  There were many who needed it.)

To the claim that emacs has arcane keystrokes comes the evidence that modern 
revs have "normal" keystrokes like right-arrow, F1, Ctrl-End.

To the claim that the help is too hard to use comes the evidence that three 
simple keystroke patterns are all one needs to know, and anecdotal evidence of 
the help system's utility.

Some will refuse to face the truth.  To the open-minded, let the facts speak 
for themselves.

I bet Xah Les is all over smiles about how well his controversy bloomed.


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