which "GUI module" you suggest me to use?

Eric eric.talevich at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 04:13:51 CEST 2007

On Jun 5, 4:17 pm, ZioMiP <m... at fastwebnet.it> wrote:
> Cameron Laird ha scritto:
> > In article <p%k9i.8712$BU3.5... at tornado.fastwebnet.it>,
> > ZioMiP  <m... at fastwebnet.it> wrote:
> >> Hi to all...
> >> I'm actually using Tkinter for my GUI... but I need to "put a piece of a
> >> web-page in a widget" how can I do?
> >> which GUI module do you suggest me to use for do that?
> >> or which GUI module do you suggest me to use at all?
> >> I'm acutally using Windows Xp but I also use Linux...
> >> I know that WxPython work only under Windows and PyGTK work only under
> >> Linux... there's some other modules?
> > ?  wxPython is available for Linux and Mac OS X.  PyGTK is
> > available for Windows.
> > Apparently you want to embed Web content in a Tkinter widget.
> > There are several ways to do this.  Do you need a live browser,
> > or is it enough to render HTML?
> I think is like a "live browser"... not only render HTML because the
> webpage got a bit of javascript inside...

Is this webpage untouchable, or is HTML rendering just a shortcut to
avoid redesigning part of the app? If you need faithful rendering of
an arbitrary webpage along with a Javascript runtime, that's a bigger
issue, and you might want to look at some of the Mozilla tools,
particularly XULRunner:


Otherwise, wxPython's HTML widget or TkHtml should be fine -- your
code will probably be easier to maintain and debug if you translate
that bit of Javascript to Python (language constructs are similar,
especially with xml.dom.minidom).

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