Tina I tinaweb at
Sun Jun 17 09:18:05 CEST 2007

Daniel Nogradi wrote:
>> How does one effect a goto in python? I only want to use it for debug.
>> I dasn't slap an "if" clause around the portion to dummy out, the
>> indentation police will nab me.
LOL!! * major flashback to horrible BASIC programs from the eighties *

Back then I took a course in structured BASIC programming (now there is 
a contradiction in terms) and the instructor warned about goto time and 
time again. But his biggest mistake was to tell us that if we had to use 
goto at least we should explain it in a comment. So we would turn in 
programs with sections like:

100 IF S$="YES" THEN GOTO 150
110 REM Go to line 150 if S$ is Yes


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