Windows XP timezone language issue

MRAB google at
Wed Jun 13 23:41:14 CEST 2007

On Jun 13, 7:31 am, Paul Sijben <paul.sij... at> wrote:
> I ran into an internationalization issue. I need a consistent idea about
> the timezone my application is running on. However when I run the following:
>  >>> import time
>  >>> time.tzname
> I get back ('West-Europa (standaardtijd)', 'West-Europa (zomertijd)')
> which is in dutch (the language of the host machine) and verbose.
> I wanted to get ('CEST','CET') or something international so I can work
> with itin the same way on all platforms.
> That is the right way to find out the timezone in a consistent way
> across platforms (windows/linux/mac) and languages?
Well, time.timezone will return the timezone as an integer.

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