SimplePrograms challenge

pelon pelonpelon at
Thu Jun 21 11:22:34 CEST 2007

And while I'm at it...

Although Guido's tutorial was a great place to start when I first came
to python I would have learned more and faster had SimplePrograms
existed. My only complaint with the python documentation is the dearth
of examples. The PHP documentation is chock full.


You introduced this as a challenge. Why not make it so? JUST FOR FUN I
propose that blank lines and comments not be counted. There should
probably be an upper and lower limit on new concepts introduced. There
should be an emphasis on common, real world functionality. The
standard library should be used freely (although limited to the most
common modules).

I don't mean to turn this game into something too formal and serious,
but it's obvious from the enthusiasm shown on this thread that
pythonistas take their fun seriously.

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