MySQL InterfaceError

BartlebyScrivener rpdooling at
Thu Jun 7 19:33:27 CEST 2007

On Jun 7, 10:09 am, "Joe" <j... at> wrote:
> And, yes, printing the error message returns absolutely nothing.  The tuple
> following InterfaceError is both the error code and message.  Unfortunately,
> it will only give me (0, '') which isn't much help.

I'm on Google groups and can't see the first part of your original
message, so don't know what query you are using. But I get that
interface error when I attempt to interpolate values from something
other than a tuple.


SELECT item from table where item like %s

If you try to use a string, say, instead of a string in a tuple,
you'll get an interface error.

That's the only time I've gotten it.


> Thanks again!
> Jough

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