PyGTK : a NEW simple way to code an app

James T. Dennis jadestar at
Sun Jun 10 08:01:37 CEST 2007

manatlan <manatlan at> wrote:
> I was a fan of "SimpleGladeApp/tepache way" to build a pygtk app.
> I've build a new efficient/dynamic way to build a pygtk app ...

> Here is an example :
> =================================================
> class Fen(GladeApp):
>    """
>    Window win
>        .title="Hello"
>        @delete_event
>        VBox
>            HBox
>                Label jo
>                    .label="kokotte"
>                entry myEntry
>                    .text="kuku"
>                gtkBuTTon b2
>                    .label="33"
>                    @clicked
>            Label jo
>                .label="koko"
>            Button b
>                .label="3"
>                @clicked
>    """
>    def init(self,m):
>        pass
>    def on_b_clicked(self,*a):
>        self.quit(3)
>    def on_b2_clicked(self,*a):
>        self.quit(33)
>    def on_win_delete_event(self,*args):
>        self.quit(4)

> f=Fen("koko2")
> print f.loop()
> =================================================

> How it works :

> in fact, the __doc__ is converted as a "glade file"
> the tree of object is indented (like python way)
> you can see some common pygtk widget ...
> line starting with a dot is an property of the parent object.
> line starting with a @ is a declaration of a event of the parent
> object.
> widgets are not case sensitive, and can start with "Gtk". If a second
> word is provided it will be used as an "id", otherwise an unique id
> will be build according the type of widget.
> the window is created with glade, widgets are provided as attributs of
> the instance, and signals are autoconnected on method
> "on_[widgetId]_[event](self,*args)" (if a signal is missing in your
> class, it warns you at run time) ....

> It will not replace the use of glade-3 for complex widget ... but I
> think it's an easy way to code very easily/quickly a simple pygtk
> window/form.
> I think it could be really useful/handly for beginners too.

> for people which are involved in pygtk/python/gui ... i'd like to hear
> your comments/ideas ...

> Rq:
> i don't provide the code now, but it will be released in next version
> of "GladeApp" ( )
> it works already, but i need to make "packing properties available"
> too ...

 I'd be a little leery of overloading the __doc__ strings in this
 way.  (They are overloaded enough when used for doctest strings ...
 but those can serve a legitimate documentary purpose and other doctests
 can be stored separately).

 Perhaps it would make sense to standardize on a defined member name
 such as: GTK__Glade.  The rest of your code could remain the same.

 Are there any other Python projects using other "magically introspected
 strings" approaches?  I thought I saw something being used by some 
 "programming by contract" or some AOP (aspect oriented programming) tools
 that might be using something like this.

Jim Dennis,
Starshine: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

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