Python rocks

Mark Carter me at
Sun Jun 3 10:42:32 CEST 2007

Alex Martelli wrote:
> Mark Carter <me at> wrote:

> Yes, GMP is a pain to compile (especially on Mac OS X), but I believe

> Just mentioning this in case you want to give Scheme another chance

Thanks. I'll take a look at it.

I think I've decided to finish off my little in project in Python first, 
though. I'd like to actually get it done (!). I may well decide to 
reimplement bits in either Scheme, or I might try my hand at Forth. My 
app will be small enough to permit re-writes.

I had actually done a small 3-month Java project professionally about 7 
years ago. Can't say I was too impressed. IMO, it was too verbose, I'm 
not an OO fanatic, and some immutable strings turned out to be not quite 
as immutable as I expected.

I had a brief toy around with Java using Xcode very recently, and I was 
able to figure out how to download webpages easy enough (I do this to 
scrape stock quotes). I felt fairly confident that I could achieve what 
I wanted in Java, even though I'm fairly raw with it. I started from a 
default project using Xcode, and it seemed to generate a lot of base 
code. I quickly abandoned the Java idea, as I'm not gunning to be a Java 
developer, and Python seems to do what I want without fuss.

I think that's the key to Python. You can do what you want without fuss, 
and it's copiously documented.

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