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Tue Jun 5 17:42:57 CEST 2007

On Jun 5, 9:29 am, abhiee <abhishekr... at> wrote:
> Hello , I have just begun learning python...and I'm loving it...Just
> wanted to ask you that how much time would it take me to learn python
> completely and which languages should i learn alongwith python to be a
> good professional programmer?...Now i only know C....
> thanx in advance!

I think a more accurate question would be "how long does it take to
learn python so I don't have to look stuff up constantly". Knowing any
language completely is nigh impossible unless you designed it
yourself. However, I must say that learning Python so that you can
just start programming well without always going for help is quite
easy. I would think it would take 1-3 months depending on your ability
to suck in information and the amount of time you actually program.

As I understand it, the top languages are still Java and C++, with
COBOL being a major player in insurance/business environments. I would
recommend pretty much any web language as more and more is heading
towards the online world. Thus, Java/Javascript, PHP, Perl, CSS, CGI,
etc are good to know.

Check out this interesting graph on computer language trends:


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