Who uses Python?

Hendrik van Rooyen mail at microcorp.co.za
Wed Jun 6 08:36:19 CEST 2007

"Stef Mientki" <S.Mi......am at mailbox.kun.nl> wrote:

> I use Python as  a replacement for MatLab,
> and intend to use it as replacement for Delphi, AutoIt, PHP, VB.
> And I'ld love to use it as a replacement for micro controller programming.

If you have a little sub - 64k micro this is not really practical.

What we have done is to define a limited virtual machine with
a simple "assembler" language and used Python to write the
"compiler" for it.

Then you have to write the interpreter for the virtual machine
in the native micro's code - Either using C or assembler, and
you are away from the hardware, into a useful layer of abstraction.

... well sort of - in such a small thing, you are never really far from
the hardware, as that is what its supposed to be controlling - but
what it definitely buys you is that your apps written in your special
language become portable between disparate processors like say
an ARM at the upper end and an 8031/8051 at the lower...

Such "interpreters" are surprisingly little code, and they work
well - faster than what one would expect. - often outperforming
C code that does pass by value...

- Hendrik

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