problem with hack using multiple inheritance for plugins

massimo s. devicerandom at
Thu Jun 28 14:22:45 CEST 2007

On 28 Giu, 13:45, Bruno Desthuilliers <bruno.
42.desthuilli... at> wrote:
> massimo s. a écrit :
> >> At this point, it seems too much a deep object-oriented hell to be
> >> able to dig it myself. Would you help me getting some cue on the
> >> problem?
> > Update. Now I know that:
> > - every sane Python class should return <type 'instance'> after
> > type(self)
> Certainly not, unless you're using a pretty old Python version.
> 'instance' type means old-style classes - the legacy Python object
> model, replaced some years ago with a *much* better one ('new-style'
> classes). IIRC, this (now dying) legacy object model should disappear
> with Py3K.

Oops. That's probably the problem.

I always followed the class syntax found in Section 9 of the tutorial,
and Python code I've seen uses the same syntax.

Where can I find the syntax of new-style classes?

> > - when disabling the multiple-inheritance-hack, the situation comes
> > back to normal
> I may be wrong here - I don't use old-style classes, and I avoid
> multiple inheritance whenever I can - but I think this may has to do
> with mixing old-style and new-style classes.

Probably it is.

> <side-note>
> wrt/ this snippet:

I'll try it ASAP. About logging the error, yes, I figured it out how
to do it some time ago but didn't have time (sigh).


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