Tkinter - resize tkMessageBox

Cameron Laird claird at
Mon Jun 11 17:52:09 CEST 2007

In article <0v0hj4-pip.ln1 at>, I wondered:
>In article <1181026856.261957.207570 at>,
>Glenn Hutchings  <zondo42 at> wrote:
>>On 4 Jun, 21:29, rahulna... at wrote:
>>> Is there a way to resize the width of the "tkMessageBox.askyesno"
>>> dialog box, so that the text does not wrap to the next line.
>>You can use the Tk option database, either explicitly or from a file.
>>For example, to set the wrap length of all dialogs to 10 inches, try
>>   root = Tk()
>>   root.option_add("*Dialog.msg.wrapLength", "10i")
>			.
>			.
>			.
>But that does *not* affect the MessageBoxes under MacOS and Windows, right?

I apologize for my coyness.  I'll be explicit:  current MessageBoxes
under MacOS and Windows (but NOT X11-based MessageBoxes, as with Linux)
do NOT respect Dialog options.  Tkinter will presumably build in Tile 
capabilities in the future; then the default appearances may change

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