I need some cleanings tips and advice.

CleaningTips at gmail.com CleaningTips at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 18:01:04 CEST 2007

Me and my buddy made a website called www.CleaningTips.com, its
basically a free forum and  free blog driven web site dedicated as a
source people can goto to find out how to clean and remove stains from
pretty much anything. Problem is, as of yet, you couldn't find out how
to clean anything right now cause the site is new and no one has found
it yet.

We don't know enough about cleaning and tips and tricks to really fill
the site. Were looking to get more useful content so that the website
eventually shows up in search results.

If anyone here is interested, visit www.CleaningTips.com/forum.html,
and if there is anything you could add to the site please feel free to
do so. Email me at CleaningTips at gmail.com if you find anything that
could improve the site or if something doesn't seem to be working

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