Memory problem with Python

Squzer Crawler Squzer at
Mon Jun 18 08:15:50 CEST 2007

On Jun 18, 11:06 am, "sor... at" <sor... at> wrote:
> On Jun 17, 8:51 pm, Squzer Crawler <Squ... at> wrote:
> > i am developing distributed environment in my college using Python. I
> > am using therads in client for downloading wepages. Even though i am
> > reusing the thread, memory usage get increased. I don know why.? I am
> > using BerkelyDB for URLQueue, BeautifulShop for Parsing the webpages.
>       Isn't the increased memory resulted from storing the already
> processed pages?
>       Look first at all places where your code instantiates new
> objects - and make sure you don't keep references to such objects that
> are not needed anymore.
>       Also, reusing threads has nothing to do with saving memory - but
> with saving on thread creation time, if I understand your problem
> description.

what about the cyclic reference.. can i use GC in my program..

if so, please tell me how to implement.. i am calling the gc.collect()
at the enf of the fetching.. Will it reduce my program speed. Else in
which way i can call it..?

please tell me........

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