csv search and print

John Machin sjmachin at lexicon.net
Mon Jun 18 22:11:50 CEST 2007

On Jun 19, 4:12 am, axja... at comcast.net wrote:
> I have a csv file containing lot of rows & columns. I wanted to search thru the
> heading for each column for a string and then print all the headings and the
> corresponding rows if a match is found.
> Any advise?

1. Clarify your requirements: "corresponding rows" ... corresponding
to what? How many rows/columns is a "lot"? "I have a csv file" ...
only one? "search thru the heading for each column for a string" is
open to misinterpretation of various kinds :-)
2. Write your script.
3. Ask a specific question if you have a problem.

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