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Christof Winter winter at
Wed Jun 13 20:09:55 CEST 2007

Elfine Peterson Tjio wrote:
> I'm trying to make a program that reads Fasta file and print it out. I used
> the SeqIO module and the results is:
> 'ATGGTCAT....SingleAlphabet()'
> For this purpose, should I use SeqIO or Fasta?
> for example:
> from Bio import SeqIO
> or
> from Bio import Fasta
> I want it to print every letter. Can anyone point me to the right direction.
> The newest biopython tutorial or book recommendation will be appreciated,
> too.

Dear Elfine:

The correct place for such a question is the BioPython discussion list at
biopython at

You can subscribe to it here:

The newest BioPython tutorial (last updated 16 March 2007) can be found at

SeqIO and Fasta should both work fine. You could also try

 >>> help(SeqIO)
 >>> help(Fasta)

after your import for some further information.


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