Build problem, pyopenssl on win32 vs2003.

Darrin Thompson darrinth at
Tue Jun 12 14:49:52 CEST 2007

I've been trying to build pyOpenSSL on Windows with Visual Studio
2003. I've hit the message below:

building 'OpenSSL.SSL' extension
creating build\temp.win32-2.5\Release\src\ssl
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Vc7\bin\cl.exe /c
/nologo /Ox /MD /W3 /GX /DNDEBUG -Ic:\OpenSSL\include
-Ic:\Python25\include -Ic:\Python25\PC /Tcsrc/ssl/connection.c
: error C2059: syntax error : '('
: error C2059: syntax error : '}'
c:\OpenSSL\include\openssl\x509v3.h(185) : error C2059: syntax error : '('
c:\OpenSSL\include\openssl\x509v3.h(193) : error C2059: syntax error : 'type'
c:\OpenSSL\include\openssl\x509v3.h(197) : error C2059: syntax error : '}'

I dug in and looked at preprocessor output. For some reason, after
winsock.h is included, X509_NAME is replaced with ((LPCSTR) 7).

Oh, And I'm building against the windows binaries build by "shining
light productions".

Any ideas on how to fix this?


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