PEP 3107 and stronger typing (note: probably a newbie question)

John Nagle nagle at
Wed Jun 27 18:23:45 CEST 2007

Stephen R Laniel wrote:

> People on here have been ... ahhh ... *generous* about
> explaining that Python is dynamic, and hence that static
> typing doesn't make sense. I've got it. 

    That's not really the issue.  There are languages with
no static typing, like Python, and there are languages with
fullly enforced static typing, like Java.  Both work.

    PEP 3107 is static typing without enforcement, which is not a good thing.
It's one that's been tried, many times, as coding conventions.  Microsoft
code from the Windows 3.1 era was heavy on that sort of thing.
Remember "Hungarian notation"?  "LPSTR"?  Yes, that stuff.
Moving to C++ and strong typing was generally considered a major
improvement in the Windows world.

				John Nagle

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