calling Postgresql stored procedure (written in plpython)

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> Thanks for your help.
> My stored procedure is written in pythonpl.  I noticed that SELECT
> queries are executed correctly (results are returned to my script)
> whereas UPDATE queries are not being performed as the data is not
> updated.

Aha! So the problem is not really with how to call Postgres stored 
procs, but that you're not getting the results you expect from some 

> I am using a database user with read/write access to the database.
> Is there a commit statement in plpython?  (e.g. plpy.commit())

Did you try that? Did you check the documentation?

> Why are UPDATEs failing?

I'm not familiar with plpy but if it is compliant with the Python DBAPI 
(PEP 249) specification then, yes, it has a .commit() method and yes, 
you must call it after DDL statements. 

>From the PEP: "Note that if the database supports an auto-commit 
feature, this must be initially off."

In short, either turn on autocommit or start calling .commit().

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