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jaeltong at jaeltong at
Mon Jun 11 11:32:50 CEST 2007

Wow, that is fast. Thanks.

> In your code, you should use string literals like
> my_path = r"C:\Programs\Python\new"
> my_path = "C:\\Programs\\Python\\new"
> But you said "a program to retrieve the filepath" - and I understand that
> you dont have a string literal, and you compute it somehow. Escape
> characters should not be a problem then. Have you verified the contents of
> the text file? With notepad?

I meant, I used a GUI-Tkinter Script to retrieve the input(the
directory). my program is supposed to
1. get the directory from the GUI Script,
     with my_path= FieldValue.insert(n, variable.get())
2. open a text file
3. and edit a filepath in the file,
4 then saving as another new file...

if that is the case, how should I do, in order to get the input in the
correct format??

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