The Modernization of Emacs: terminology buffer and keybinding

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blmblm at <blmblm at> writes:

> I find Windows and its tools as frustrating as you seem to find
> Unix, but I strongly suspect that being shown the ropes by someone
> who understands and likes the system would help a lot.  <shrug>

I feel the same way about Windows being frustrating, however I find
that having a Windows "expert" around helps very little.  Heck, *I*
was a Windows expert for as long as I was using it.  I always found it
to be totally opaque.  It always seemed like the only way to make
things work was to BUY something --- something that really offended
me.  It became clear to me quickly that Windows is basically a
billboard on a CRT --- the help files only told me to buy stuff, or
how "fun and easy" it was to do something, without actually saying how
to do it.  When I got XP and wanted to change my desktop theme ---
guess what?  They decided to start charging for that too.

With Windows I never got it; with Unix of any kind (linux, SunOS,
etc), I have felt like I got it right away.


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