I need some cleanings tips and advice.

Pascal Bourguignon pjb at informatimago.com
Fri Jun 22 21:21:40 CEST 2007

Neil Cerutti <horpner at yahoo.com> writes:

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> On 2007-06-22, Colin B. <cbigam at somewhereelse.nucleus.com> wrote:
>> In comp.lang.perl.misc CleaningTips at gmail.com wrote:
>>> Me and my buddy made a website called www.stupidpinheads.com, its
>>> basically a free forum and  free blog driven web site dedicated as a
>>> source people can goto to find out how to clean and remove stains from
>>> pretty much anything. Problem is, as of yet, you couldn't find out how
>>> to clean anything right now cause the site is new and no one has found
>>> it yet.
>> Let's see if I get this right.
>> You create a website for a subject that you know nothing about. Then you
>> try to solicit content in a bunch of programming language newsgroups.
>> Wow, that's pretty pathetic, even for a google-groups poster!
> Maybe they lost the business plan. It's not surprising, since it
> was probably written on a napkin.

No problem with that, we can help:

                      |  BUSINESS PLAN  |

         1-  Make a web site about stains

         2-  ???

         3-  Profit!

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