Encoding problem with web application (Paste+Mako)

Rob Wolfe rw at smsnet.pl
Wed Jun 6 09:45:24 CEST 2007

msj at infoserv.dk wrote:
> Hi
> I have a problem with encoding non-ascii characters in a web
> application. The application uses Paste and Mako.
> The code is here: http://www.webudkast.dk/demo.txt
> The main points are:
> After getting some user generated input using
> paste.request.parse_formvars, how should this be correctly saved to
> file?
> How should this afterward be read from the file, and fed correctly
> into a Mako template?

You have to know the encoding of user input and then you
can use ``input_encoding`` and ``output_encoding`` parameters
of ``Template``. Mako internally handles everything as Python unicode
For example:

t = Template(filename="templ.mako", input_encoding="iso-8859-2",
content = t.render(**context)


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