Do U have anything to share with this students

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> >>> Hope you're protected against malware.
> >>
> >>Yes, the link probably did what it was supposed to,
> >>just not what you thought it would do.  Please, folks,
> >>don't click tinyurls without knowing the person who
> >>made them.
> >
> > And, since that is impossible, use TinyURL's "preview" function before
> > you click.
> Are you a solipsist?  I am what John Galt would call
> a 'non-absolutist'... *never* say something's impossible,
> there is a non-zero probability of *anything* happening.
> Big shout-out to all the folks in the other NG's... from
> AGA.  We tend to know each other, even though it's
> 'impossible'.

Oh yeah it's impossible!  Someone in another thread "figured out" I was a
"lib" just because I recommended a Fender Blues Jr.  Pretty clever huh?

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