Python for embedded systems with memory constraints

vishnu gkkvishnu at
Mon Jun 4 20:19:08 CEST 2007

Hi there,

I am embedding python 2.5 on embedded system running on RTOS where I
had strict memory constraints.
As python is a huge malloc intensive application, I observed huge
memory fragmentation in my system which is leading to out of memory
after running few scripts.
So I decided to re-initialise the python with out restarting the whole python.
I tried to use Py_Finalise() after completion of each script , then
call Py_Initialise as is done in below link.
Which in every loop it causes a leak of 10K and after some iterations
it leaks of 200K etc. After few more runs this crashes. I read some
where this leak was solved in 2.5, but with 2.5 also I am having
And also I found Py_Finalise does not completely cleanup the memory,
So how do I re-initialise my memory pool?

Does anybody faced this problem earlier and got any solution hack to
run the python for a embedded system within own managed memory pool of
say 10MB?

Any help/ideas are greatly appreciated!. Thanks in advance.

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