Python's "only one way to do it" philosophy isn't good?

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On Jun 23, 6:11 am, Lenard Lindstrom <l... at> wrote:
> When this thread turned to the topic of macros I did an Internet search
> for information on macros relevant to Python. Dylan's macros look
> promising. The Python-inspired language Converge has macros ( Michael Hudson's Bytecodehacks package
> supports limited Python macros (
> ). There is also the __macro__ package, which I still have on my
> computer, but I cannot find its home page.
> The __macro__ package simply allows text substitution of source code at
> module import time. The bytecodehack.macro module lets one define what
> amounts to inlined functions. IMO neither package represents a
> productive macro system. And I could find no other attempts to take
> Python macros beyond wishful thinking. So until some solid proposal for
> Python macros is put on the table any discussion of their merits is
> unproductive. I can suggest though that procedural macros are a natural
> starting point given the runtime nature of class and function creation.
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I would add to your list

  Michele Simionato

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