SimplePrograms challenge

Rob Wolfe rw at
Wed Jun 13 13:56:03 CEST 2007

Steve Howell wrote:

> I suggested earlier that maybe we post multiple
> solutions.  That makes me a little nervous, to the
> extent that it shows that the Python community has a
> hard time coming to consensus on tools sometimes.

We agree that BeautifulSoup is the best for parsing HTML. :)

> This is not a completely unfair knock on Python,
> although I think the reason multiple solutions tend to
> emerge for this type of thing is precisely due to the
> simplicity and power of the language itself.
> So I don't know.  What about trying to agree on an XML
> parsing example instead?
> Thoughts?

I vote for example with ElementTree (without xpath)
with a mention of using ElementSoup for invalid HTML.


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