The Modernization of Emacs

Bjorn Borud borud-news at
Wed Jun 20 16:39:13 CEST 2007

[Kaldrenon <kaldrenon at>]
| Just so everyone's clear:
| Nothing he has said makes much sense, if any.

(it'd be good if you explicitly specify who "he" is since pronouns by
nature are extremely context sensitive, and in this context an
unattentive reader might think you are referring to me.  thanks :-).

| Emacs' uniqueness may hurt its adoption rate, but it still has plenty
| of users, who are all perfectly happy with how things are done.

I don't see popularity as a goal in itself.  I am selfish.  I only
care what the software can do for me and I think that this is the only
way to write good software:  make something you'd want to use


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