Using pyTTS with other languages.

simon kagwe simonkagwe at
Mon Jun 4 17:00:20 CEST 2007

 <kyosohma <at>> writes:

> It describes how to use mis-spelled words to force correct
> pronunciation as well as how to do it with XML.
> Mike

Thanks Mike. I had already read that article. I thought the mis-spelling and 
XML are meant to deal with pronunciation of English words. Will it really 
handle pronunciation of words of a whole new language? 
For example, if I want to say 'good' in Zulu, I may end up saying a word that 
has entirely different phenomes (and throw in some clicking sounds like in 
those 'God's must be crazy' movies). For my language, I have already collected 
recordings of its syllables and some words. I tried it out with pyTTS and it 
pronounces some words completely different they aren't even close to the way 
they should be. 

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