The Modernization of Emacs: terminology buffer and keybinding

David Kastrup dak at
Mon Jun 25 09:11:07 CEST 2007

Cor Gest <cor at> writes:

> Some entity, AKA JackT <jackt123 at>,
> wrote this mindboggling stuff:
> (selectively-snipped-or-not-p)
>> We don't care about the 1970 version of Emacs,
>> because of course back then there WAS NO GUI.
> But if you are blind as bat, any 2007's GUI is useless.

Have you actually talked to a blind person about that?  They often
prefer the GUI applications since they tend to interact better with
screen readers and the accessibility software available for the GUI's
toolkits.  Sounds crazy, I know.

Anyway, Emacs plays in a league of its own for blind people due to

David Kastrup

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