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Paul Rubin http
Sun Jun 17 05:03:45 CEST 2007

Dennis Lee Bieber <wlfraed at ix.netcom.com> writes:
> > Aahz's book is really good, in my opinion.  So are many others in the
> > "for Dummies" series that I've had occasion to try (including the one
> > with the delightfully unintended pun in its title, "Bridge for Dummies":
> > despite the title it applies to declarers and defenders just as well:-).
> > Judging a book by its cover (and, by extension, by how its publisher
> > markets a series) is the proverbial epitome of superficiality.
> >
> 	The first edition "Wicca for Dummies" had a few laughs too...
> Biggest one is that someone inserted a photo of the "Venus de Milo"
> where the text called for the "Venus of Willendorf".

I wonder if they had a series about automotive safety engineering,
with a volume called "crash testing for dummies".

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