file open default location

T. Crane tcrane at
Tue Jun 12 16:15:42 CEST 2007

>> As an aside, I forgot to mention above that I'm using Windows XP.  Any 
>> other ideas or possible reasons that it would not choose my script 
>> location as the default location to save something?
> If you open a DOS window and run Python from there, it will write the 
> files
> in whatever directory you were in when you typed the command.
> If you are running Python directly from Windows, or from an IDE, it's up
> to the OS or the IDE to decide what your default directory is. Often it
> will be the home directory from your user profile.

I'm using ipython and running everything from there.  On my wife's laptop 
the default save location is the home directory of her user profile, but on 
my work computer this is not the case.  Therefore I assume that there's some 
setting somewhere that's causing ipython to send stuff to such a weird 


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