Vista 64 + Python2.5 + wxpython 28 issue

Simon Roses Femerling simonroses at
Fri Jun 29 09:46:04 CEST 2007

Hello Martin,

Thanks for your reply.

There was no need for me to use 64 so I have switched back to 32 and works

Python is not ready for the 64 world yet ;)



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> Is there any 64 version installer or do I need to build myself ?

There are hardly AMD64 versions of *anything* but the base Python
distribution. I strongly advise to use the 32-bit version on AMD64
(in fact, I see little reason to run Win64 at all unless you have
more that 4GiB in the box, or unless you are developing a software
product that you explicitly target for Win64).

If you absolutely need to run 64-bit code, be prepared to compile
everything for yourself, and be prepared that it won't work out
of the box, and cost you many person days to fix and debug. Never
forget to feed back the fixes you make to the respective authors
of the open source software.

Notice that you won't just need a 64-bit version of wxpython,
but also such versions of all underlying libraries wxpython
happens to be build on.


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