The Modernization of Emacs: terminology buffer and keybinding

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Wed Jun 27 19:32:45 CEST 2007

Twisted <twisted0n3 at> writes:

> On Jun 27, 8:26 am, g... at (Timofei Shatrov) wrote:
>> >For which you need an interpreter. Such as Ghostscript. Which is a
>> >pain to install and a bigger one to configure, even on Windoze.
>> Lie. Ghostscript works out of the box on Windows.
> You're joking. First of all I am not a liar, and secondly, Ghostscript
> and Ghostview are tricky to set up correctly. I know -- I've done it a
> time or three. There's an arcane GUI configurator that isn't
> exceptionally well designed, and once it's working it still wonks out
> on maybe 1 in 10 .ps and .eps files you come across ...

It's become clear that you have a different conception of what
consitutes "working" software.

> better than being able to view none of them, mind you. Nonetheless
> there's a world of difference between the GS tools and say Adobe
> Acrobat Reader in terms of setup and use; the latter you just run an
> installer and then find a pdf to double-click; no other steps
> necessary and it works every time. Of course, Adobe stuff is
> proprietary, and acrord supports some types of evil DRM...

It's also become clear that you have a different conception of what
constitutes using a computer.


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